tokyo is crazy.

I arrived in Japan to complete chaos. As I am writing this post 利ghtnow, random Kanji characters are popping up。on the hostel;s computer.

The language barrier is definitely somewhat of a problem, since I do not know a lick of Japanese and my English is already poor。

Not only that, but it has been raining nonstop here, which really does make it more exhilarating. 

It]s already night time over here, so I:m hoping the weather clears up by tomorrow.  Maybe even access to a better computer.  Haha

4 responses to “tokyo is crazy.

  1. what part of japan you in?

    • All over Tokyo right now.  Check  王tてぇ てぇら手stsぽst。 random arghh

  2. archivebags

    Have fun! This is a trip that I would love to make to visit an old friend.

  3. Haha. Did you write tas up there^? Sik.

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