iminusd international

In case you didn’t already know, iMINUSD is a global brand.  We’re heading overseas to get a firsthand look at what’s cooking on the other side of the planet.

Destination: Japan.

iMD is hitting the streets of Tokyo, which arguably has one of the best fixed gear scenes in the world.  Many of the tricks, styles, bikes and so on have either come from our East Asian counterparts or have been influenced by them.

I’ll update on my findings while I am over there.  I was going to bring my laptop, but somebody informed me that they do in fact have computers over there as well.


2 responses to “iminusd international

  1. dope! y’all have fun and be safe!
    i saw a grip of fixies in shibuya, shinjuku, and asakusa!
    dopeness, they were influential in gettin me interested in fixies!

  2. sweet! Japan is amazing especially tokyo!
    excited to see how big iMD is in Japan

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