Chrome Coveted Jersey

iMiNUSD Exclusive

You heard it here first: Chrome SF and Garrett Chow of MASH/GLOBE have collaborated to design a Jersey that can only be obtained by winning certain Chrome sponsored Alleycats/bike events. There are only 200 of these limited edition Coveted jerseys produced by Capo in Italy.

“You won’t find the jerseys on our site or in any stores. We’re not selling them and won’t be giving these away. The only way to get one is by winning an alleycat, sprints race, polo match or some kind of similar event”, says Chrome Marketing Director, Matt Sharkey.

We will get some pics of our jerseys as soon as we get them. We will be getting a few of these jerseys to award our top finishers for our events this coming season. Keep your eyes and ears open for SJFixed’s Relationship series as well as iMD midnight runs. We will be having random 48 hour notice midnight alleycats soon. Follow us on Twitter or our blog to be up to date on your chances to get one of these Coveted Chrome Jersey’s.

4 responses to “Chrome Coveted Jersey

  1. Sooo dope… training begins now.

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  3. whoa.

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