Weight Weenie Fixed gears???

I know there is a huge market out there for weight weenie enthusiasts but we haven’t seen to many weight conscious fixed gears. Here’s one built up by one of our customers, Alex. This guy is crazy about weight. This complete bike, with pedals, weighs in at 12.21lbs!!!!

With the help of some friends, they hand-built the frame out of Easton Aluminum Tubing. The rear hub is the original 1st gen Chub hub tied to some custom drillium worked Mavic Open Pro’s. Alex even went so far to cut up pieces of Velox rim tape to only cover the spoke holes on the actual rim. He then finished off the wheels with 700×20 Continental’s to save even more grams.

A custom Moots Ti stem holds down the front end with no spacers on the steer tube and no star nut and top cap to shave off every gram possible . Extremely cut handlebars were a must to save even more weight. Alex, was joking about drilling holes in the Oury grips to save more weight. (I highly doubt he was joking)

The saddle is a custom Carbon SLR with ti rails. Selle Italia advertised the saddle to be 99 grams but it actually weighed in at 105 grams. Being dissatisfied with the 6 extra grams and false advertising, Alex went ahead and sanded down the carbon on the sides of the saddle to bring it back down to 99 grams. (NUTS!) Of course the full carbon EC90 seatpost to match everything else was the perfect fit. Even the seatpost clamp was a custom made Ti clamp from SEVEN Cycles.

The crankset is a full carbon Easton EC90 setup with titanium egg-beaters to finish off the drivetrain. Currently running a 39×14 gear ratio but has plans to run 39×11 to save a few more grams with the smaller cog and shorter chain length. The chain is a lightweight chain from KMC.

So does this fall into the category of a “custom” build since the frame was handmade? Regardless, this bike is sick. It’s super lightweight and still very rideable. Biggup’s to Alex on an insane build. He’s now talking about moving all the parts onto a carbon frame. I think he can get into sub 10lb’s with a carbon frame. We’ll just have to wait and see.

24 responses to “Weight Weenie Fixed gears???

  1. pfft my beater/trick bike is 8lbs.

  2. interesting

    more interested in that pink headset.. mmmmm

  3. That easton fork is going to get destroyed if he doesn’t run a cap to tighten down that steer tube. Will just rattle around till the carbon chips away.

    • A compression plug would be a good idea, without one you run the risk of the stem sliding up the steer tube thus causing a possible steer tube failure. Your King headset’s bearings are going to be shot as well. Although compression plugs are quite heavy…

  4. That Brit is crazy…

  5. no lie, i want that bike so bad! i was thinkin the globe but i made up my mind, i like this one lot, i been dreamin bout it since i saw the pics. 😦 whats the cost.

  6. I think it says custom. Handmade?

  7. might be able to drill holes in the bars as well to shed off a bit more

  8. I’d watch those cranks, typically external bearing type cranksets that were not purposely designed for fixed riding will fail at the bond between the drive arm and spindle. Something to look out for

  9. What a terribly ugly bike. Who cares about how light it is, it’s awful.

    He could have built a much lighter bike, that would have been better to ride, with changing some parts.

    For example, Crank Bros headset is about 40g’s lighter then a King, and also lower profile so he could cut down the fork more.

    Thomson Masterpiece aluminum post is stronger AND lighter than a Easton EC90.

    Crank Brothers pedals are no good on track bikes. Keywin Track pedals would have been better, at only 98g’s each.

    Chub Hubs? Cmon, those are big and heavy, and laced to clincher wheels. My DuraAce tubulars are probably 1/3 the weight of those wheels. Check out the Reynolds Carbon Track wheels . 600g’s a wheel.

    Oury grips are heavy pieces of rubber. Go with some foam or cork tape, and it would be much lighter. And with riser bars that small, you cannot even get enough leverage to ride fast or go up steep hills. At least put on some carbon bullhorns like Profile Cobras.

    Anyways…there is no point in making a bike this light. It’s not going to make him faster, only a weaker bike. However, for those wanting to make a light bike…this is a good example of what NOT TO DO.

  10. Jake Ricker

    To Ryan…

    Chub hubs are actually extremely light.
    The look big yes. But with the weight of a feather.
    No joke!
    Next time you are a shop that has one asked to check it out.
    It will blow your mind.

    I have had 2 Chub Hubs and they are great hubs.

  11. Hi All, my name is Alex, and I own the fixie pictured above. (thanks Mark for the pics)…and the service.
    I’d like to clear some misconception:
    The frame is made out of scandium using Easton tubing (yes it’s hand welded by a friend of mine). It is not the lightest frame out there. It weights about 2.3-2.4 lbs. These days there are carbon frames that run about 800 grams (less than 2 pounds)…..but they’re far more expensive than mine.
    I’ve been wrenching on bikes for about 14 years, and I have worked in several bike shops for well over a decade….I know what product work and what does not.
    I rode to LA 4 times so far (from the Bay Area) and I took THIS very bike to LA from San Francisco (on a AIDS ride) twice so far, without a glitch, (aside from two flat tires). The bike IS very solid and I hardly ever have to tight bolts and nuts.
    There is a reason why I picked up the components I put on. The pink Chris King headset was made in limited edition for the breast cancer awereness (like my bottom bracket)….so I figured why not donate some money for a good cause? it is not the lightest headset on the market, but it IS the most durable…..for those of you that have been riding long enough…you know what I’m talking about.
    The egg beaters are not fixie’s pedals…..but I use my fixie mainly to commute…..and I don’t do stupid circus-like tricks in parking lots either.
    The Thompson seat tube is NOT lighter than the Easton EC90, especially since by seat tube is 5.5 inch long.
    The new EC90 cranks from Easton never gave me any issues…..and like I said, I went to LA twice with this bike….thanks for the heads up though.
    Why I don’t ride tubular rims? Cause they’re a big pain in the azz !!! gluing the tires to the rim is a huge PITA….and my bike is NOT used for racing….it’s a commuter bike. There are way lighter wheel-sets out there, but they also cost $6000….and I ain’t spending that much money on a set of wheels that are gonna get trashed….especially riding around SJ.
    The CHUB hub is NOT the lightest hub out there either, but since my friend used to run the company before it bankcrupt (eventually someone else bought out the company and restarted)….I figured why not run one of his hub.
    The Easton fork never gave me issues without the starnut….although I tight the stem every now and then just to make sure.
    Handlebar length: I’ve been riding it this way for over 13 years, when I first started to work for King Delivery as a bike messenger in SF.
    I ride my bike with this setup cause it’s comfortable TO ME….these days I ride every now and then to San Gregorio Beach on the weekend (north of San Cruz on Highway 1)….via Cupertino, Palo Alto, Portola Valley, Old La Honda, and Skyline boulevard…..
    I’ve been riding fixies long before some of you guys were sucking your mom’s tits. So for all you hypsters out there that do trick in the parking lot just to impress the ladies….the trip to San Gregorio Beach it’s about 100 miles from SJ. Before go on a forum and talk sh!t…..get your fact straight.
    Hi Tina, what a small world !!! I’ll see you at PG sometime.

  12. i can vouch for alex, he’s no newb. it’s funny how people talk shit about others bikes without even knowing the backstory on why it was built up that way. anyways, opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one. just go ride and be merry.

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  16. is the head set is installed upside down?

  17. he is a “newb” .. Easton advise using a 10mm spacer above the stem in the fork instructions ..

  18. The Chris King headset installed upside down has a long story. Back in the day when I was a bike messenger….when the fixie-movement was not as “flourished” as today…..it was considered cool to have an upside down headset. Why? Because to mount an headset, you need a parktool cup-press. How many do you know that own a parktool press? Not many people own one (aside from bike shops)….so it was thought that having a upside-down headset meant that the owner of the bike works in the bike industry (which I did for a decade or so)…..it was some sort of a inside joke.
    Many people have approached me saying: “your headset is upside down, who installed it?”……I did, on purpose, ’cause I have access to many tool that are hard to find and very expensive. (a Phil Wood machine that cut blank spokes for instance).
    Not many people have these tool.
    As far as Easton advising to use a pacer……it’s “advising”…..I do my own thing….and never had a single issue !

  19. I am a fixed-gear weight weenie as well. I’ve built several bikes in the 13.5 grams. There are several things that Alex did with this build that I wouldn’t dare do (riding without a top cap/expander plug, for example). But, then again, I do certain things that other people think are crazy, so no judgments here.

    Weight-weenie street fixed gear bikes are different to build because light track cranks and wheels are difficult to find. Alex solved the former conundrum by going with a road crank. I always use a road front wheel and pair it with an American Classic rear track wheel.

    Nice build, Alex. I am glad it is holding up.

  20. It’s very nice though it’s sort of bothersome that the CK headset is intstalled upside down. I like a bit more room on my bars personally.

  21. drat this is obsolete

  22. Take the grips off.

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