Bikecheck: CJ’s Kilroy

CJ of Santa Cruz Fixed just finished up his Kilroy build this afternoon. Check it out. Another “proper” build heading out our doors. Goodluck trying to break this one CJ.

Owner: CJ
Frame: 54cm GOrilla Kilroy
Fork: Fu Manchu
Crankset: Profile | Tree-Lite
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy Half-link
Saddle: Demolition Pivotal
Seatpost: Demolition Pivotal
Headset: Chris King
Wheelset: Chukkers
Tires: 48c Rando’s
Pedalset: Platforms | iDStrap

2 responses to “Bikecheck: CJ’s Kilroy

  1. Daniel Torres

    God! That bike looks amazing! I’d love to test ride that bad boy!
    How tall is CJ?

  2. Im 5.9. email me at if you want a test drive>works amazing!!

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