the first date alley cat recap.

As many of you know, San Jose Fixed and iMiNUSD hosted the first alley cat of the Relationship Series this past Saturday. It also marked the first alley cat of the year with a large group in attendance. More importantly, all the registration proceeds were donated to Partners in Health to help with the Haiti disaster relief efforts. With 67 people registered, we were able to donate over $300. We would like to thank everyone who participated in this race to help Haiti recover from their devastating earthquake. And don’t forget, there is a Cinelli Vigorelli on the line for this series but you must participate in every race to qualify for the top prize.

And now back to the race recap. It was an amazing turnout this past Saturday. Surprisingly, we got people to come down from all over the place. Daniel, a contributor for Zlog Blog, recently moved down from Seattle to San Francisco and raced with Team Murder of Pushbike SF. Even Lunchbox (a.k.a. Alex) of North Bay Fixed came down from Santa Rosa to participate in the trick competition that afternoon. In typical SJF fashion, we always make our races about fun, and played a little Red Light Green Light to kick off the race.

Competition was very tight, as usual. And to change it up a bit, this race was designed for speed and navigation as oppose to any of our previous races. Here is a photo of Tim “Tornado” Tsuruda taking first place at a time of 1:33. As fast as Tim was, Tyson and Tanner took a close second and third respectively with a time of 1:35, just within seconds of each other. Bravo to the surprise victors of this race, as many we certain seasoned veterans would take top places. Nevertheless, this goes to show that anyone can take the prize with excellent navigational skills and smart riding techniques.

Although there were some crashed that took place, we were all impressed with the number of racers wearing helmets. This is something we like to stress out here in San Jose, California. Everyone should wear a proper fitting helmet everyday, but most especially on race day. I recall hearing about two accidents that happened on Saturday, and luckily, both racers did not sustain severe injuries. Pictured above are some of the fastest and most experienced riders in the Bay Area, and they are all rocking helmets. Take notes kid, wear a helmet!

Soon after the race was the trick competition. This is an event in which everyone can enjoy as much as the riders that compete. It’s always pretty awesome to see these kids bust tricks at full speed with no fear. Pictured above are two of our most well-known iMiNUSD riders, Taylor Dwight and Rob Meyers, dicking around. Literally. These guys killed it. And by “killed it,” I mean this:

Yup, that’s right. Taylor completely destroyed the hubs and spokes on this Velocity Chucker doing a flat 360 off a kicker. We got some pretty good footage of the damage, so I’ll try to get it up before the end of the week.

Lastly, we finished off the night with prizes. Surprisingly, we still had a good group of people hanging around despite the long day. By the looks of it, it seemed as though everyone had a good time with race. It was at least 27 miles or more if you didn’t know where you were headed. About half of the people who registered finished the route. Again, we would like to thank everyone who contributed to this race, from the sponsors, to the volunteers, to all the racers. And most especially, a big thanks goes out to Kevin for putting this race and series together. For more pictures from the race here. Below are the race and trick competition results lifted from SJF:

Men’s Alleycat:
1. Tim (1:33)
2. Tyson (1:35)
3. Tanner (1:35)
4. Bill Tran
5. Mason
6. Evan
7. Rex
8. Jim
9. Greg
10. Matt Divita
11. Darin
12. Bird
13. Collin
14. Bennett
15. Hiver
16. Nick
17. Eric
18. Sean
19. Alex
20. Ren Morton

Women’s Race:
1. Angel

Trick Competition:
1. Taylor
2. Matt
3. Robert


Photo Credit: Annamarie Cabarloc

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