Leader 729TRK v1.5

So with all this talk of go big tarck bikes and the recent rush of international tarck frames, people forgot about the Leader Trick Star 729TRK v1.5. Let me be the first to tell you that this revised version is SICK! Thanks to Dan and Sal of Leader Bikes we were able to build this one up with the new Trick Star v2 fork. This thing is beef. It doesn’t feel sluggish at all. The BIKE FEELS SOLID. I’m super stoked on the way this build turned out for just a mock up. A more in depth review will come once I get more seat time on this. But for now, I leave you with specs and pics. The build is not complete. This was just so we can get it up and running.

btw- 35c Michelin up front clears with no issues. 40c Michelin CiTY rear is the max you can fit.

Frame: 51cm Leader 729TRK v1.5
Crankset: Generic 160mm 144bcd 46T
Cog & Chain: Godspeed 19T | Godspeed
Saddle: Leader Mordecai
Stem: Azonic 28.6
Seatpost: Leader SPA2
Headset: Tange Sealed
Handlebars: Azonic 28.6
Wheelset: Godspeed | Chukkers
Pedalset: Demolition PC | iDStrap
Tires: Front Michelin CiTY 35c | Rear Michelin CiTY 40c

Leader 729TRK

Leader 729TRK

4 responses to “Leader 729TRK v1.5

  1. Can I use that thing for bike polo

  2. Pic for barspin clearance

  3. Yeah..I want the photo of barspin clearance too!!

  4. How much would a full build like this cost?

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