ride in peace sheldon brown.

As some of you know, today marks the second death anniversary of Sheldon Brown, the highly esteemed and revered bicycle mechanic from Boston, Massachusetts. Two years ago, Sheldon passed away from cardiac arrest after battling multiple sclerosis and nerve deterioration. In his 63 years of life, he has accomplished a lot as a bike mechanic, technology expert, and webmaster. Before there were bicycle forums and other outlets online, I remember Sheldon’s website being the end-all-be-all to bicycle related information on the interwebs. If you were too afraid to ask for help from that elitist wrench monkey at your local bike shop, 11 times out of 10 Sheldon had the answer. Yes, you read correctly, 11 times out of 10. Just pay his site a visit and I guarantee you will walk away with more knowledge than you intended. I know my friends and I have learned from his extensive experience and encyclopedic bicycle knowledge. He’s even written an article on fixed-gear conversions, which is where many of us started. That’s all you need to know if you want to learn about fixed-gear riding.

From iMiNUSD, we thank you Sheldon for sharing your knowledge with us and may you ride in peace forever!


3 responses to “ride in peace sheldon brown.

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  2. This is just AWESOME! So glad I saw this post today.

  3. awesome tribute!

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