Charge Scissor Clears 48c Rando!

Breaking news for all Charge Scissor owners/soon to be… The Charge Scissor clears a 48c Rando in the rear and a 40c Rando in the front. Here are some clearance measurements.

rear 48c Rando= 2mm clearance from the chainstay and seatstay.
front 40c Rando= 4mm clearance from the crown.

The Scissor fork actually clears the 48c Rando in the front if you run some axle tabs. The 48C doesn’t clear when you have the axle all the way into the fork dropout. It would be safe to run the 48c with axle tabs. I’m almost sure they are called axle tabs. 🙂

3 responses to “Charge Scissor Clears 48c Rando!

  1. hey can the scissor still barspin with the 40c rando? im either gonna get a bruiser or a scissor with charge fork. which is better? im looking for a durable freestyle fixie with the most tire clearance i can get.

  2. what rims are on that scissor? do you believe chuckers, or g6000’s are better?

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