Gan Well Pro Carbon Evasion

Tarck bikes are cool, but…

Frame: Gan Well Pro Carbon Evasion
Crankset: SRAM Omnium
Cog & Chain: Phil Wood | Izumi
Saddle: Selle Italia Turbo
Stem: Thomson
Seatpost: mICro
Handlebars: Nitto ADB-X
Wheelset: iMiNUSD iD42 BLK
Pedalset: MKS – MKS – Toshi doubles

6 responses to “Gan Well Pro Carbon Evasion

  1. Succ your life Mark. Succcc your life.

  2. nice! love that you’re rockin the skinks round the head stem!

  3. fuqqqqqqq

  4. Aww man!!! This is right up my alley. MURKED OUT with the gold chain….is that a gold chainring on there too? Never seen the black Omniums with one, if that is a gold one. I would have pimped that out with a Kashimax Aero Saddle….a black ostrich one. That would have been money.

    But, a solid 5star build again.

  5. black n gold looks bada$$

  6. inDEBTwithGOD

    So did the SRAM Omniums come with a gold chainring? Mine came with a gunmetal one. I’m happy with it but the gold one is legit!!!

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