imd spotlight: Taylor “slaylor” dwight.

Photo Credit: Jerome Love

This past weekend, Lockedcog threw the first ever alley trick cat. iMiNUSD sponsored this event, amongst other including Eighth Inch, Lucky Lefty’s, Prolly, John Cardiel, and Red Bull. It’s awesome to see Kris and Brad of Lockedcog to  throw an event like this, especially seeing the fixed-gear industry moving towards freestyle riding. Moreover, it’s no surprise that we would hear news of iMD team rider Taylor “Slaylor” Dwight doin’ damage at this event. Not to mention, Taylor took first place at all 5 stops of the trick cat!

Photo Credit: Chris V

If you guys remember about a year back, San Jose Fixed threw our very first alleycat ever called The Labyrinth. This was also the first trick competition held in the South Bay, which was held after the race. We had some big names show up and compete like Jason “Lil’ J” Clary and Ferrer Sanders of Fonseca Films. But, does anyone ever remember Taylor Dwight? My guess is: no. And I bet no one remembers his gear getting stolen, after he took second place in the trick comp. Back then, all he was doin’ was big spins and keos. Nearly a year has passed since then and now Taylor has been gettin’ up on all the blogs. At the tender age of 17, he’s going bigger than some of the guys with years of experience under their belt. I’d say he is definitely up there with the rest of the young riders like Ed Wonka and Torrey “hfwido” Thornton. Nonetheless, 2010 brings a new generation of young riders with the potential to bring this sport to another level once again. iMiNUSD is proud to have Taylor Dwight riding on our team. Expect to see more from this kid as well as more from the iMD team. Head over to Lockedcog to see more pictures from their event.


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