the real cost of driving.

When you purchase a bike, you can ride it straight out of the store; end of story.  You may have to invest in a few accessories and tools to maintain your bike, but that’s about it.

Purchasing a car is a whole other animal.  There are license, registration, title fees, and taxes that inflate the price of the car immediately.

You need gas to fuel the car, which isn’t exactly cheap nowadays.  Hop on a bike and the only fuel burning are calories, which is a good thing.

Many of the maintenance issues that arise with cars have to be looked at by a professional.  Many bike fixes can be done by yourself, and if not, can be done by a professional for much cheaper than the cost of fixing a car.

Insurance can be a pain, especially if your policy doesn’t exactly cater to your needs.  A 20 year old driving a brand new coupe doesn’t exactly fit the criteria of a good driver according to the insurance companies.  Get into a little accident?  There goes your premium.

A car depreciates as soon as it leaves the lot.  Bikes are the same way, except some hold better value over time.  Keep your bike in good condition, and you may be able to part with it for how much you originally paid; or even more.

Consider the environment.  Riding is probably one of the purest and efficient ways of traveling over short distances.  There is no pollution generated from riding to the grocery store and back.

The reality is that most people need cars.  But you can mitigate the costs and effects of having a car through several ways.  It might take some effort at first, but eventually it will become routine.  Listed below are a few quick and easy ones:

-Ride, ride and ride.

-Try pairing a bike with public transit for your daily commute.  A lot of companies offer subsidies for mass transit riders.  If even for one day out of the month.


-Use a bike for running errands around close to home.

-Think about getting rid of that second car, or the H2 Hummer that never even sees a dirt road.  Maybe even eventually downsizing to a smaller car.

-Ride to iMiNUSD for good deals while helping out your local bike shop.  And meet/talk to others about biking.


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