There has been all kinds of talk about this whole 700cmx/FGFS/Tarck whatever you wanna call it category of fixed gear cycling. Tarck bikes are taking over the industry. I see more and more “core” members wanting to build up tarck bikes with huge 38c-47c tires. I know some of these riders are still embarrassed to admit they tarck or want to, but you gotta admit, its FUCKIN fun! These core members were the ones building up bikes with drops and boxed section rims to be “Proper.” Nothing over 23c tires for speed.

Now, It seems we are at the crest of a major shift in the paradigm of our industry. Yes, it’s a big sentence but it’s true. More and more people are looking to build a bike you can run into a wall and not have to worry. I think one thing is important though that we embrace all types of riding styles whether it be track or tarck. I personally love it all.

I think one should have both. One to trick and one to just ride fast.

What about you? Track or tarck?

GOrilla Kilroy

6 responses to “700cmx/tarck/FGFS???

  1. Track. Tarck is SO lame. Get a BMX bike.

  2. Def. should have both!One to haul balls and one to beat on.The word tarck is pretty lame.

  3. TRACK. if you wanna do tricks get a bmx bike. you will be able to do more tricks on a bmx anyways

  4. Fixed-gear-Tarcking Hipsters bar-spinning in skinny jeans for the ancient heavenly coolness, connected to the starry dynamo in the machinery of culture….footplant spin.


    I honestly don’t get TARCK…go buy a BMX. I’m a simple dude–hell, I don’t even like riser bars on my track bike. I keep it thoro with drops. So, take my comment with a grain of salt….just my opinion.

  5. Track all the way, riding fast and bombing hills is where its at for me, i am so tired of FGFS vids and posts, where are all the hill bombers. I am not bagging on FGFS its super hard but it doesnt do it for me at all. we need to go back a few years and keep it fast and bomb hills.

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