FESTIVUS – TNR- Tomorrow- Ride – Race


****Tuesday – December 22, 2009****

When: Meet 6:30pm, Depart 7:00pm
Where: SJSU Event Center Fountain
W2B: A Festive Get Up (tacky sweaters, costumes, etc), Lights, Weather appropriate
clothing, Tools, Tubes, Good attitudes & riding etiquette, Water/Treats, Smiles, and Happy faces


We will take a short 6.7 mile loop (courtesy of bill tran) from downtown to quiet
Willow Glen to take a look at all the decorated houses & streets and then head back to downtown

After ending our ride at the Ice Skating Rink under the palms in downtown, a race will take place.
It will be a 5 lap race around Christmas in the Park (Cesar Chavez Plaza). There are lights, cars,
pedestrians, and churro carts. It is not required to participate, but the winner will receive a gift
certificate from iMiNUSD! Ride smart and safe!


After the race finishes, SJF will hit the ice at the fine rink under the palm. Show off your skills or
lack thereof! Ice skating is about $15 so bring your monays! Bring your locks and cables (we can
bike pile next to the rink). There is also ample amounts of open cement in front of the rink if you
care to tarck or hang out and drink some hot cocoa or churros!


After everyone has worked up an appetite or roughened up their elbows from falling on the ice,
we’ll ride over to 4th St. Pizza and top off the night with some pizza and beer.

Happy Holidays, See you there!

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