You may be asking yourself, why is there a shitload of Milano’s at iMD. Well, Frankly, we don’t know. We got here in the morning and they were sitting on the counter. No one has keys to the store except a couple people so it’s quite the mystery, but who really cares. One thing I do know and many of you that know me personally, I FUCKIN LOVE COOKIES! I’ve tried numerous diets and have been really good about watching what I eat over the years but one thing I have never given up since I was a kid are COOKIES. I will never turn down a cookie that’s offered to me. I will never let a cookie sit there alone. 1 cookie is never enough. Shitty day? Cookies will make it better. I guarantee it!

So in light of this event, we will be putting on a contest. Guess how many packages of Milanos there are sitting on our counter and win a free pack of Milano’s. We will send you a pack of Milano’s and a iMD sticker pack. Get to it. 🙂

27 responses to “Cookies!

  1. Vance McMurry

    14 packs of Milanos

  2. 22 Packs

  3. I believe there are 16 packs of Milano Cookies 😀

  4. 13.5 assuming you were eating one of the bags while typing this post.

  5. 15 packs

  6. 15 is the magic number. COOKIES!

  7. Almost, keep trying guys. As soon as one of you gets it I will post.

  8. LOL. can’t believe i just did that.

  9. 18 ftw

  10. 19 of them bitches

  11. 20!

  12. 28 paks fer sure

  13. 13 🙂 cuz no one said it

  14. 18 bags of cookies !!

  15. Josh Granucci

    15 packs!

  16. I say 16!

  17. Wilson/Nawzlew


  18. ryannsingian


    • Alight guys we’ve got a winner! Kennyc is our winner.

      Kenny, Email me your address and we’ll get those cookies and sticker pack shipped out to you. If you’re local, just come by.

      Thanks for playing guys!

  19. i missed out on free cookies klhfaddlsdgjasg;flkjda

  20. I am only posting this to see what my little icon will be.

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