London to Paris and The Revival recap.

As many of you know, we hosted a back-to-back movie premiere of fixed-gear films “London to Paris” and “The Revival.” In typical fashion, we extended an invitation to all of our friends, near and far. I was surprised to see so many people in attendance, some traveling from as far north as Vallejo, California. In total, we had close to 100 in the shop and even more outside trying to get in. Snacks and refreshments were served to keep our guests pleased throughout the hour and a half run time.

While setup was going on, we started a bike pile to accommodate for our 90+ guests. Outside, we had local and sponsored riders tricking around and keeping spectators entertained. This is just one of the shots of the bike pile, a complete amalgamation of track and tarck setups. Pretty impressive to see everyone customizing their bikes to meet each rider’s specific needs, whether it’s built for speed or built to take a beating.

Everyone made their way inside and the screening began right on schedule. The whole thing went off without a hitch. Grace Ladoja’s film, “London to Paris,” screened first and definitely kept everyone’s attention. Some of our favorite riders like Massan and Super Ted were just two of the group of ten that made the huge trek from London to Paris. From speaking with some of the audience, many enjoyed that this documentary had a narrative that purposefully kept our guests interested. The beautiful European landscape and team of seasoned riders was satisfaction enough, but hearing the rider’s personal experience gave us all a wave of inspiration to hop on our bikes and ride.

You see Tim and Manny’s face? Yeah, that’s the only way to describe what we saw in the second film, “The Revival.” Skitch Clothing and Morehart Films put out a top-notch film with amazing quality and style. Lots of sick riding as well as creative tricks. One thing should be noted: the music soundtrack was fucking sick! Not to mention, a lot of the fixed-gear bloggers that you follow had their own sections like Prolly and Zlog. In all, the entire evening went exceedingly well. I want to thank everyone involved in these projects, all the directors for allowing the South Bay to have their own screening, the iMiNUSD and Azuki team, and to everyone who came to our event last night. If you guys want to see more photo coverage of the event, you can check it out over here.


4 responses to “London to Paris and The Revival recap.

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  2. Scotty Cramer

    Maaaaaaaaaaannny! Oh Manny…you’re so awesome!

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