supermarket street sweep.

Wow, what a great turnout. A few of us SJ heads made the trip to San Francisco for the 4th annual Supermarket Street Sweep. The SMSW is an alleycat that benefits the SF Food Bank. Racers follow a manifest which features supermarkets around the city, and then purchase items that are listed on the manifest. Thousands of pounds of canned goods, rice, pasta, beans and peanut butter are donated each year.

Alvin, Tim, Alex, Tanner, and myself rode together for most of the race. We accounted for only a fraction of the 198 total racers. Our team chose to do the cargo option, which means hauling as much food as possible, as opposed to the speed option where you finish in as little time as possible.

Alvin managed to carry 99 pounds of food on his back. Tim carried around 50 some odd pounds. My bag came in at 30 something pounds. Let’s not even mention “Manystyles.”

After completing the 5 checkpoints and weigh in at the SF Food Bank, everyone headed over to Sports Basement for the after race celebration.

Photo from Edsel Dilag

The swag was all laid out over several different tables. There were so many sponsors it was unbelievable. iMinusD donated several items as well.

It was great to see everyone out supporting a great cause. Come out next year!


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