NBD: Jp, Unvanished

You’ve most definitely never seen a Starfuckers Xenon frameset built up as sick as this. This ridiculous Xenon belongs to Jp or J or Jpree or Unvanished. He goes by many names but there is only one. Yea, the bike is sick but let me tell you about J. He’s the graphical/design genius behind iMD. He’s responsible for our logo, fliers, apparel and almost all of our designs. Watch out for the work this guy puts out. do. damage. daily.

NBD: Jp F.

OK Back to the bike… Starfuckers Xenon, It’s only one of the weirdest looking frames out there but, IT IS SICK. The quality and craftsmanship of this frame is top notch. It definitely looks hand built. Every single weld is perfect, the chrome is impeccable and above all the ride is amazing.

NBD: Jp F.

I have one myself, and let me tell you these bikes go fast when they need to and tarck hard when you want to. The dual dropouts on the fork is a perfect touch. The +35 is perfect for longer rides and of course the 0 offset is perfect for tarck. I will admit, at first I thought this bike looked stupid when I first saw pics of it on the internet, but the bike grew on me fast when I started seeing the Xenon in person over a year ago. A local SJF member named Jun, a recent transplant from Japan, has been coming out to our rides riding a Xenon frameset for over a year now. The Xenon grew on me fast.

NBD: Jp F.

Jp’s Xenon is setup with SRAM Omnium cranks, which is arguably the stiffest track crankset out there, Charge half-link chain, iD42 Wheelset, Odyssey pedals with our iDStrap setup. The bike needs nothing. It’s done.

NBD: Jp F.

If you are ever in SJ visiting from out of town, Jp is the one who will take you to all our local spots. Check out Jp’s blog here do. damage. daily.

3 responses to “NBD: Jp, Unvanished

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  2. damn, those xenon’s design is hella out of the world. it’s nice who its chrome, looks really futuristic.

    oh, btw. do you know what kind of tail lights those are?

  3. The tail light is a Knog Skink, available at iMD.

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