good time to be a cyclist in san jose.

The City of San Jose and VTA are moving ahead with plans to make the city more bicycle friendly. San Jose currently ranks 15th in the nation in bike commuting. Their goal is to get ridership up to Portland’s standards, by increasing bike lanes and placing bikes at selected stops for commuters to ride to work.

Obviously this isn’t going to be done overnight. According to the VTA it is going to take about a decade. Rome wasn’t build overnight.

Check out some of the improvements that are in the works (as taken from the VTA website):

VTA Bicycle Expenditure Program

VTA adopted a $33 million Bicycle Expenditure Program (BEP) to fund the Tier 1 projects in the Countywide Bicycle Plan over a ten-year period. The BEP is a combination of four funding sources:


  • 1996 Measure B Sales Tax Bicycle Program ($12 million)
  • Transportation Development Act Article 3 ($7 million)
  • Transportation Funds for Clean Air (Program Manager program) ($12 million)
  • Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century Transportation Enhancements ($2.2 million)

Project sponsors (typically cities) are responsible for project implementation. Tier 1 projects are allocated up to 80% of the total project cost from the BEP. Project sponsors must provide a 20% minimum local match.

Tier 1 projects include bicycle/pedestrian bridges, major trails and on-street bikeway improvements. The Tier 1 list of projects and the BEP are reviewed and revised by the VTA Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee and VTA staff; and re-adopted every two years by the VTA Board Directors, most recently in October 2002.





Hamilton Avenue improvements at Hwy 17
Widen sidewalks and bikeway on Hamilton Avenue bridge over Hwy 17
Los Gatos Creek Trail bridge and path improvements (Mozart – Camden)
Construct a bicycle/pedestrian bridge near Camden Avenue and other trail improvements
Santa Clara County
Almaden Expressway (Ironwood – Koch)
Shoulder and sidewalk connection improvements to accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians
Santa Clara County
Bicycle Shoulder Delineation Along Expressways
Shoulder restriping of ramp areas (bicycles and automobile weaving) on Almaden, Capitol, Central, Page Mill, Lawrence, and San Tomas Expressways

Mary Avenue
Bike/Pedestrian Overcrossing

Over I-280
San Tomas Aquino – Saratoga Creek Trail (Tantau – Barnhart)
Construction of path and bike route has been COMPLETED
Uvas Creek Trail
Trail extension along levee from Thomas Rd Bridge to Gilroy Sports Park
Los Altos
Hetch Hetchy Bike Pathway
Extend path from Los Altos Ave. to El Camino Real
Los Altos
Stevens Creek Feasibility Study
Study will determine the trail alignment to connect the Mountain View and Cupertino trail corridors
Bicycle/Pedestrian Overcrossing (over UPRR tracks)
Near the Great Mall
Morgan Hill
West Little Llagas Creek Trail
Ciolino Ave. to Silvera Park
Mountain View
Stevens Creek Trail, Reach 4, Segment 2
Extend existing trail towards Mountain View High School
Palo Alto
Homer Ave. Undercrossing
At Caltrain
San Jose
Los Gatos Creek Trail
Auzerais Ave. and Santa Clara St.
San Jose
Los Gatos Creek Trail
Lincoln Ave. to Auzerais Ave.
San Jose, Santa Clara, VTA
River Oaks Bridge
At Guadalupe River
Santa Clara
San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail
Hwy 237 to southern city limits
Cox Ave. Railroad Grade Crossings
Improve the railway grade crossings and bikeway along the intersection of Cox and SP Railroad lines
De Anza (UPRR) Trail: Reach 3
Saratoga-Sunnyvale Rd to Saratoga Ave.
Borregas Ave. Bike/Pedestrian Overcrossings
Over U.S. 101 and SR 237
*Bernardo Ave. Undercrossing
At Caltrain
Pilot Bicycle Parking Program
Provide bike racks at various locations such as transit stations, shopping centers, and libraries

*Funding to be determined in 2004.

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