Turkey Sprints!! This Tuesday! Tomorrow.

Turkey Sprints!!!
With Thanksgiving a few days away and the December holidays around the corner,
this may be the last time you’ll be able to sprint without being glutted with holiday
food. So I encourage everyone to come out and race at the Basset Track and celebrate
Thanksgiving early with the SJFam! iMiNUSD will be there to give out prizes for the top
racers and the grand prize will be a 20 Pound Turkey!
So bring your friends and libations, warm up your legs, and race the night away!

Where: Bassett Track
When: 6:30PM
W2B: Lights, Weather appropriate clothing, Tools, Tubes, Good attitudes & riding
etiquette, Water/Treats, Smiles, and Happy faces

There will be a meet up at SJSU Fountain at 6:00pm and we will leave at 6:15pm to ride
out to Bassett Track. Here is the route

One response to “Turkey Sprints!! This Tuesday! Tomorrow.

  1. if i hadnt heard about this the day before it was goin on! i wouldnt have agreed to go to work tommorow! FU*K! (that goes for the trick comp too, come on dog some of us have to get time off of work )

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