Globe Roll 1 review

Check out my new favorite bike. No joke. Yes I do ride bikes that cost more then some cars but seriously, the Globe Roll 1 is my new favorite. It’s perfect for daily riding. I’m not training for some big race, I’m mainly just riding around for fun. This bike is perfect for that. The Reynolds 520 handmade frame is perfect for beating around.

Yes, I know nothing is stock on the bike but what can you do? 🙂 The bike comes complete with very good parts for a beginner-mid level entry bike. I wanted to see what the frame would like built up the way I ride/build. I honestly think the bike came out pretty sick. I still don’t know how I feel about the crossbar between the risers, but i did get it for $2 at our SJF swap a couple weeks back.

My favorite part, if I had to choose, are the dropouts on this frame. I love the built in chain tensioners. They’re actually functional unlike some other chain tensioners I’ve seen on some other frames. They helped me get the rear wheel as close as possible to the seat tube. I used a half-link on the chain to get it in there.

And just for kicks, I love me some unicorn cranks. The uber rare Black Omniums.

First riding impressions: FAST and comfortable. The bike is very responsive. It’s not as twitchy or aggressive as a Carbon Gan Well or Aluminum Vigorelli but it is by no means sluggish. The bike gets up pretty quick and turns with ease. It has no problems with anything.

Overall: This is my new favorite. Everything about the bike is perfect. In stock form, it’s the best damn deal out there at $600 complete. With a couple component upgrades it can hang with the best of them. Of course its still the rider and not the bike…but in the end, my bike looks better then yours. ha. 🙂

– Mark C

38 responses to “Globe Roll 1 review

  1. That’s sick. Im getting my roll1 next month. nice to finally see the ID42 on these.

  2. The House of Husar

    Looks good. But one rock in the rear tire and frame scratched.

    • Thanks guys! Yea, I’m not too worried about the condition of the paint. I’ll report back in a couple months once it gets beat around everyday. Bikes are meant to be ridden… some of them. 🙂

  3. you guys always have te coolest bikes!

  4. bravo!!! that bike is amazing!!!

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  6. Hed3 in front?

  7. Is it barspinable:P? I’m looking for a nice beater/polo bike..
    I really like the geometry of the bike.

  8. I need a large, perfect:P
    thanks for the info and greetings from Rotterdam!

  9. Last question, how did you convert it to a normal stem?

    • If you mean threaded by “normal”, It came oem from Globe Bikes.

      I just installed a Nitto Jaguar stem with risers on it. If you need a new bar/stem combo for your Roll. Give us a call.

  10. Thanks for the offer, but got the shop in Rotterdam around the corner.
    On the pics on the golbe site ik looks like it isn’t threaded but a no threadset..
    That’s why.. but thanks for the answer

  11. Just missed the delivery, I’ll mail you tomorrow!
    Last question: which size tire o you have in front?

  12. I will build it today.. to bad there is so much snow overhere..
    I will send you a picture!
    Just found a nice front wheel!

  13. Black omniums are uber-rare? I didn’t know that… anyone want a pair? I won ’em in some sprints 🙂


    YEAH niiiice build dude!
    whats the weight?
    anyways guys i am super friggin stoked i was out at the Sea Otter CLassic yesterday and Specialized was there with a goldsprints setup and i got on there and just owned it with the best time of the day, 500m in 18.1 seconds, and won myself one of these babies. i think im gonna get the green one …

  15. How would you take off the flat handlebar (on the original set) to replace with another one, say, the bullhorns?

  16. Great build! Two thumbs up!
    What mm stem is needed for the roll?

  17. What handle bars are these?

  18. I like it. I have the Roll 1 too and want to replace the crankset When you replaced the SR Suntour cranks, did you keep the original BB? If not what did you replace it with and what were the specs. Thanks.

  19. What type of bb does the bike come with, type and dimensions? I’ve tried to look it up on the web haven’t had any luck so far..

  20. BSA? 68mm?

  21. Nice build, I own this bike and will start customising it soon. I am not sure about your front wheel though, looks out of place imo.

  22. Hey nice job with the bike. Can you tell me what kind of wheels are in the rear and front? I’m debating whether or not to get your rear wheels or front wheels for my specialized sirrus. Thx!

  23. i want to get my rear tire closer to the frame like on your bike. im buying the white retros you have on the blog for 150 how would i go about doing that on my globe roll 1?

  24. Excellent build! I just built this bike up in kiwi green, but I’m trying to switch out the bar/stem combo for a quill with risers too. Can you tell me what size quill you went with — would a 180x80x22.2 work or is that too long? Thanks!

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