iMiNUSD at Specialized.

This afternoon, iMiNUSD made a little trip down Highway 101 to visit Specialized to drop off the Globe Bikes that were used for our Ghoul Sprints. Despite the gray clouds looming overhead, we made our way to our destination and met up with a familiar face. Upon our arrival, we were immediately greeted but none other than Garrett Chow. He’s the Brand Manager for Globe Bikes and I’m sure you are all well aware of his decorated history as a cyclist. After chatting about our last event, Garrett invited us inside to take a peek around.

We entered and looked around at their museum showroom. Inside were a couple dozen bicycles parked about the room, each with their own history. Unfortunately, we were too eager to spend the time ogling over vintage bicycle components. It was pretty awesome to be in a room that has such an amazing past.


We also saw Specialized Bicycle Component University in session. SBCU is a program for Specialized dealers to become educated on everything you need to know to give riders exactly what they need, from proper bicycle fitting to extensive product knowledge. It’s great that Specialized prides itself in connecting with the people who ride their bikes and offer such program to cultivate a generation of knowledgeable experts. This sense of community was definitely felt during our brief tour around the facility.


We stepped into the warehouse to take a look at even more bike porn. I was snapping away until one of their employees yelled at me and told me to stop. His jests were enough to keep me from taking more picture, but only until he was out of sight. It was an experience to be surrounded by so many expensive and beautiful bicycles. And it’s a fact that Garrett is just too fast. I couldn’t even capture him without motion blur.


The hunt for new old stock Specialized Tri-Spokes soon followed, but to no avail. A box full of unopened tri-spokes were rumored to be sitting atop shelves, yet, they were no where in sight. Instead, we continued on our tour and into an area that is forbidden to most: the design department. While inside, I could feel the glares burning holes through the back of my head. But that didn’t matter at all. As a designer, I nearly fainted at the sight of the design workspace; apple computers everywhere, graffiti covering the walls, music that filled the air. This area is closed off to most people for the reason being that this is the birthplace for all future products. That said, I can only leave you with this photo of Mark on this Specialized sled bike.


In all, the tour was an amazing experience. As a designer, and fixed gear cyclist, it was a pleasure to see the inner workings of such an enormous bicycle company. It was a great opportunity for iMiNUSD to spend time with Garrett and Tan and take a glimpse into the world and sport we have come to love. Thank you again, Garrett and Tan, for the showing us around and for all the support. We got some major plans underway, so stay posted!


4 responses to “iMiNUSD at Specialized.

  1. Scotty Cramer

    Such an awesome experience! I actually recieved the opportunity to be in their SBCU program and it was great! Great company supplying great product! Long live the Langster!

  2. thats awesome scott! it looked to be a lot of fun. everyone at Specialized are great people and so welcoming!

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