good eats on the cheaps in san jose: TCC.

Visit Tofoo Com Chay on any given day and it would be rare not to see another rider enjoying some good vegetarian food outside.

TCC has been a dietary staple for a lot of SJF/iMD riders in the past few years. Even if you aren’t a vegetarian, you will still enjoy the plethora of offerings here.

A 3 item meal complete with rice can be had for under $6. They serve delicious sandwiches too, which are still only a few bucks. One of my personal favorites is the Spicy Noodle Soup. It’ll clear your sinuses and take all of your troubles away.

If you aren’t completely sold yet, you should know that Tim Tornado Tsuruda eats here, the winner of the past two SJF/iMD events. He took home the first place prize in the Halloween Alleycat, and also first place for the Ghoul Sprints. It should be noted that he had a full 3 item meal at TCC before winning the sprints. Dan Karl also eats here as seen in the first picture. Speed demons and tarck stars alike eat at TCC.

The next time you visit the iMD store, you should definitely hit up TCC before your journey back home.


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