Drew, from Specialized, came down this morning with this little number and implored me to convert the thing. I was quick to tear it apart to see how that crazy headtube worked. The entire bike is just nothing short of amazing. With a sticker price of $10,000 for frame/fork/seatpost, it better be.

I felt like a little kid in a candy store working on this thing. I love me some prototype work. The craftsmanship is super clean on this bike. It’s pretty ridiculous! The entire bike weighs in around 11.6 lbs complete. The rear definitely needs a disc or IO but this should do for riding to the coffee shop. ha. Thanks Drew!

…Now if we could just get some risers on it…hmmm…


3 responses to “SWORKS SHIV & iMiNUSD

  1. I’ve pondered the fun possiblities of converting one of our shops Specialized Transitions.
    But that toy there is simply beautiful.
    Different bars would be nice though.

  2. diferent bars would be nice? no they would be retarded. please use this bike for what it was meant to be instead of some other shit conversion. there is nothing different between this on an old crappy raleigh conversion these kids hate on.

  3. I definitely agree with retarded. Except that there is a difference between old crappy raleigh conversions and this, this is WAY worse.

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