These are some of the craziest bikes I’ve ever seen. One of our customers from San Jose comes up with all these crazy designs in his head, grabs a bunch of carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium and builds these bikes with his hands. He’s got some crazy laboratory of a work shop where he has access to all these highly advanced materials. The bikes may not be too functional or aesthetically pleasing but the craftsmanship is top notch on these bikes. Almost every single part is handmade and perfect in its form.

Oreik Et was the first frame our crazy builder passed by with (I feel bad because I forgot the builder’s name; I will report back). He passed by with this bike a little over a month ago when I flagged him down to come back so we could take look at this crazy concoction of a bike. Some of the guys thought it was a 90’s ZIPP frame but I….NO… “Dude, naw, that shit is crazier!”
He came back around and presented to us “Oreik Et.” He said the name is “Te Kiero” backwards and is a tribute to his girlfriend which means “my love”. We all stood there wondering what we were looking at. Everyone was amazed by the craftsmanship but everyone wanted to ask the same question, “Why? Why would you do that?” His response in broken English: “Just wait, I have a new carbon fiber one.” We all stood there in disbelief. I didn’t really believe him.

1 month later, he shows up with this guy; M&R. I, of course, was completely shocked. I mean by any standards, the bike is ugly. But the craftsmanship is where it’s at. He’s definitely flexing his skills with these 2 bikes.
M&R is a full carbon fiber frame. The thing is not light but it is strong. Those rims on there are iD42’s with some custom drillium pattern. Notice the front and rear radial lacing, the integrated handlebar/stem/dildo pursuit combo and the crazy carbon fork with aluminum disc mounts. He said this took him about 30 days to build from SCRATCH.

These bike are seriously crazy. There really is no other word for it. You or I probably would not ride one, but with some guidance, imagine what the builder could really build if we asked him to build a “conventional” frame. With his access to advanced materials and his skill-set, there could be some amazing things to come from this. These are real handmade bicycles.


3 responses to “CRAZY.

  1. dude what

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  3. Nikko Shelton

    I want to know this builders name and if he has any contact info. His talent for creative building is pretty high.

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