places to live in san jose; if you poop out money.

We know you love bikes, and we know that you love to wrench on your bikes.

The problem is that the place you live in now is a little cramped on space, and your toolkit is always a bit lacking. Enter in Plant 51.

You can get access to your very own bike kitchen in San Jose for $450,000, and they’ll throw in a sweet 2 bedroom loft for free!

Plant 51 offers access to their bike kitchen which features Park Tool tools, bike stands, stools and benches. That’s just one of the many amenities offered in this converted loft building.

It’s located off the Alameda, which isn’t exactly downtown downtown, but is so close that you can bike or even walk to downtown. The Alameda actually features it’s own coffee shops and restaurants, which are just down the street from the HP Pavilion. The lightrail and Caltrain stations are right around the corner, so you can ride that rail up for an exciting trip to the city…or San Bruno.

If you love high ceilings, exposed brick, and open space living, you’ll love these lofts. You do pay a premium for it, but the location and bike friendliness of Plant 51 may be worth it.


5 responses to “places to live in san jose; if you poop out money.

  1. Signing the lease right now.

  2. wow… that shit is very nice. i feel you about money poping out the ass. if i had that money i would love to relocate downtown- fast. nice find.

  3. Did a tour today, pretty nice. Same layout as our 2 bdrm $2100 Cupertino rental (corporate housing). Pant51 sweet casholah expense would be about $2400 (plus $380 hoa)

  4. Andrew; totally agree regarding the hoa fees. Me Mum owns a 2300 sqft house and her fees are a whopping $75 a month. Of course no gym, bike kitchen, BBQ, courtyard, landscaping or anything else really. OH wait, mum’s neighborhood security patrol is covered by the hoa fee…to which Plant51 has NONE :/ I’m none to familiar with the area but dang looks like it could be at the edge of sketchville. Where’s the rent-a-cop? Puff puff give for $380

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