iMD/SJF swapmeet.

iMD and SJF’s first ever swapmeet was a success. The little marketplace was full of people scrounging around for good deals on bike parts. People brought tables and blankets to display their goods on the cheaps.

When “Big Gear” Martine rolled up with his products, he practically started his own little swapmeet. All the bike heads just swarmed his area knowing that he had the “good stuff.”

Matt was pretty happy when he sold something for $20. Swapmeets are great for getting rid of those random bike parts for a quick buck or two.

There was a small basketball court next to the field, which was perfect for the tarck kids. It was also the perfect location for Caltrain riders, because the station was only 1 block away. All in all, not a bad way to spend a few hours on a nice afternoon in San Jose.

Video provided by Darren

The dog was happy when he finally found some 10.5mm cranks.


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