iMD Spotlight: Dan Karl

You’ve seen the tricks. You’ve seen the pictures and videos. Now meet the man behind the tarck. Dan Karl of San Jose.

Dan burst onto the fixed scene about a year ago, and has quickly garnered attention for his brazen balls out style.

Most tarckstars are just tarckstars. One dimensional riders who have no endurance or speed when it comes to just plain ol’ riding. Not true with Dan.

Dan has placed in several different alleycats, proving that it is possible to tarck and ride. In fact, his primary gear is 49×17 (currently on his Leader Trick Star frame), which he uses to trick and ride.

Photo by Anna Marie

His backyard (the setting of his infamous nighttime jump) has a variety of different ramps and jumps. He started building ramps for bmx, which eventually led to quarter pipes and box jumps.

While he enjoys doing jumps, Dan also says, “Ground tricks are still king. I would rather see a smooth keo with a combo than a high jump.”

Some advice that Dan has for people starting out: “Keep at it, it’s not easy to just get tricks right away. Start with one trick at a time. Learn to ride backwards and wheelie.

“It took me two weeks of really trying to land a keospin, whirlie or whatever you want to call it.”

And there you have it ladies and gents, straight from the mouth of Dan Karl. Keep at it.

Photo by Anna Marie


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