Vegas Interbike Festivities.

Vegas was hot, hot, hot. Imagine walking down the Las Vegas strip in 100+ degree weather. Painful. Now imagine riding your bike as fast as you can while the heat closes in on you just as fast; so fast that you start to lose your bodily functions.

That’s how bad it felt while riding in the arid desert heat. Props to the local Vegas riders who have to endure that on a daily basis.

Picture from MASH

Picture from MASH

The first race, which consisted of three stages, was the drag race down the Las Vegas Strip. One of our own local riders, Alvin Chen, took first place in the alleycat.

Thursday was the Las Vegas Criterium, which was just a 4 lap race around a few blocks in old Las Vegas. It was about 100x harder than it sounds. I would say half of the people dropped out during the race, as the heat was just too much.

Not the case for Marcopolis, he roughed it out through the intense heat for a 3rd place victory. Score another win for the Bay Area!

Photo by Ace Carretaro

Photo by Ace Carretaro

Photo by Ace Carretaro

Photo by Ace Carretaro

Who say’s that people don’t ride to Interbike?

Riding the strip just for fun is a lot less strenuous. It is highly recommended.


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