iMD Spotlight: Donghoh

iMD is all about supporting the local community. The iMD Spotlight is all about showcasing individual talent within the local community.


If you haven’t heard of Donghoh Han, you obviously haven’t been paying attention to anything. The recent winner of SjFixed’s Quantum Trick Competition has been riding fixed since the spring of 2008. His tarcking skills have improved significantly over the past few months; which he attributes to practice, practice and more practice.



Donghoh is no softy either, he cracked his Bianchi Pista frame and continued to trick on it for a week before he realized something was wrong. Now he rides on his modified re-welded frame thanks to Shorty Fatz.


I asked the southern California native (Fullerton) about his proudest moment in fixed gear riding so far. “Winning the Quantum trick comp, and landing a no-handed pushoff. It was my first time landing it, and my first time trying it too.”


You can catch him riding and tarcking around downtown San Jose and at San Jose State University.


4 responses to “iMD Spotlight: Donghoh

  1. Sikk! congrats dude.

  2. it’s the donger!!!

  3. I love the fact that he rides a steel pista. Much more props to him. More proof that it’s the rider and not the bike.

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